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Basic Skills for Everyday Law Practice

September 23rd, 2020 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Central Time

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Approved for "Rule 3 CLE" credit for New Lawyers in Mississippi.  (But even experienced lawyers who want a refresher on the practical fundamentals of law practice can receive 6 hours of credit with this course!)

Pracitical topics discussed include:

  • The essentials steps in preparing for your first civil trial
  • The practical "how tos" of drafting agreements of all kinds
  • The secrets of time management for lawyers
  • The mental adjustment ot law practice -- and important coping mechanisms
  • Ethics & much more!


  • William R Newman of The University of Southern Mississippi
  • Agenda for Wednesday, the 23rd of September 2020

    8:30 am Central Time - Webcast Begins

    (Please register and sign into the website at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start)

    (Agenda is approximate and tentative)

    Hour 1:           Trying Your First Civil Case: A Checklist of Preparations  (Basic Skills)

                                        1.         What you should get from the initial client interview

                                        2.         Investigation and research

                                        3.         Demand and early settlement considerations

                                        4.         Drafting the Complaint (and the mechanics of court filings)

                                        5.         Discovery do’s and don’ts

                                        6.         Voir dire and trial preparations: A checklist


      Hour 2:           Basics of Drafting Any Type of Agreement – from the Sale of a Business to Divorce                            Settlement Agreements   (Basic Skills)

                                        1.         The supreme importance of precision in language: a few pointers

                                        2.         Finding and adapting the right forms

                                        3.         Knowing the boilerplate

                                        4.         Enforcement provisions


       Hour 3:           Time Management:  The Best Preventive Medicine for Lawyers  (Ethics)

                                        1.         The relationship between time management and the rules of ethics

                                        2.         Checklists

                                        3.         Deadlines and prioritizing

                                        4.         Dividing and conquering

                                        5.         Getting control of your e-mail inbox

                                        6.         Making technology your servant, not your master

                                        7.         The art of delegating

                                        8.         Accountability


      Hour 4:           The Ethics of Getting Clients  (Ethics)

                                        1.         The limits of advertising and solicitation

                                        2.         Ethical use of online marketing

                                        3.         Legal fees and retainer contracts

                                        4.         The ethics of terminating the attorney-client relationship


    Hour 5:           The Nuts & Bolts of Managing a Law Practice  (Basic Skills)

                                        1.         Legal and ethical restraints regarding partners, associates, and support                                                 staff

                                        2.         What every new lawyer needs to know about basic accounting practices

                                        3.         Trust accounts

                                        4.         Blurring the line between law practice and other business endeavors


    Hour 6:           The Mental Health Challenges of Practicing Law  (Ethics)

                                        1.         Knowing when it’s time to “run from the law:”  Self-care

                                        2.         A concise checklist of the tell-tale signs of depression, anxiety, substance                                                                             abuse, and suicidal tendencies (in your colleagues – and in you)

                                        3.         Simple coping mechanisms

                                        4.         The Lawyers Assistance Program

                                        5.         Finding the type of law practice that suits your personality

    Due to technical requirements, customers must attend a live webcast in its entirety to receive credit for attendance. No partial credit can be accommodated.