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Legal Research & Writing: Quick Tips

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  • Practical tips in legal research - Old School and New School (books and online)
  • Resources that can ease your fear of "missing something"
  • Constructing more effective search requests in WestLaw and Lexis
  • Free -- and almost free -- online legal research sites
  • How to improve the flow of your legal writing
  • Making your legal briefs and correspondence easier-to-read
  • Simple grammatical steps to improve your "readability"!
  • Dealing with legal citations


  • William R Newman of The University of Southern Mississippi
  • Agenda for Monday, the 23rd of December 2019

    1:00pm Central Time - Webcast Begins 

    (Please be sure to register and tune into the website at least 10 minutes before start time)

    Agenda is Approximate and Tentative

    1:00pm - 1:15pm -  Common Mistakes to Avoid in Legal Research

    1:15pm - 1:45pm -  More Effective Search Techniques (in the books and online)

    1:45pm -  2:15pm  -  Free (and Almost Free!) Online Legal Research Sites on the Internet

    2:15pm - 2:25pm - Break

    2:25pm - 3:15pm -  Finding Helpful Secondary Sources that Ease your Fear of "Missing Something"

    3:15pm - 3:20pm  -  Break

    3:20pm  - 3:45pm - The Unique Challenges of Legal Writing: Do's and Don'ts When Writing for Any Legal Audience (making your writing more readable) 

    3:45pm - 4:00pm -   Special Tips When Writing a Brief  (making your writing more persuasive) 

    4:00pm - 4:15pm -  More Effective "Informational Writing" for Clients  (improving your client newsletters, blogs, etc.)

    Due to technical requirements, customers must attend a live webcast in its entirety to receive credit for attendance. No partial credit can be accommodated.