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"History, Famous People, & the Law" Bundle for Missouri

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Earn a total of 6 hours of Missouri CLE credit with this innovative collection of courses featuring Billy Newman and his fascinating take on history and pop culture.  The best thing about the courses in this bundle is that Billy extracts surprisingly practical lessons for modern-day law practice by examining the legal files of famous people, and by finding helpful analogies in the history books.  

Learn how to avoid common mistakes in Wills drafting with a peek at the Wills of George Washington, Aretha Franklin, Charles Dickens, and Robin Williams.  

Get inspired to become an even more diligent litigator by re-living the historic trials of Wild West icons Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, and of one of the accused Lincoln assassination co-conspirators.

Learn the real-world basics of drafting prenuptial agreements for your own clients by examining the do's and don'ts we learn from the prenuptial contracts of several famous people, including Tom Brady and Steven Spielberg.   

Billy then presents his immensely popular rundown on what general practitioners need to know about copyrights and trademarks -- illustrated with references to some recent high-profile intellectual property disputes involving well-known entertainers and authors like Katy Perry, LeBron James, Val Kilmer, and more!

This bundle of On-Demand CLE courses (watch them online, or download the audio as an mp3 file) are considered "self-study" courses under Missouri MCLE Rules.  The Missouri rules permit attorneys to earn a maximum of 6 hours of CLE per year through "self-study" courses of this nature.  The remainder of your annual MCLE requirement in Missouri must be earned with "live" CLE courses (like our Barristers Live Webcasts -- available on the "Live Webcasts" page of this website).

Custom Bundles also available:  Many attorneys like the convenience of these pre-packaged "bundles" of pre-recorded On-Demand courses.  But you also have the option of creating your own Custom Bundle of On-Demand courses and hand-picking your choices from our growing library of seminars (most approximately 1 hour each).  To make a Custom Bundle, just go back to the previous screen and click on the green "Build a Custom Bundle" link in the upper right-hand corner.


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Credit Hours

General Credits: 6.8

Total Credits: 6.8

Courses Included

Wills Drafting Do's and Don'ts from Famous People


William R Newman of The University of Southern Mississippi


Our newest peek into the Last Wills and estate plans of famous people (including Robin Williams and several former Presidents) provides a lot of practical lessons in Wills drafting for today's practitioner.

General Credits: 1.6

Great Trials in History, Part 2: The Wyatt Earp and Lincoln Assassination Trials


William R Newman of The University of Southern Mississippi


The second installment in this unique & fascinating series of courses that extracts practical examples and lessons for modern-day lawyers by looking at the strategies & tactics used in some of the greatest courtroom events in history!

General Credits: 1.8

Prenuptial Agreements: What Famous People Can Teach Us


William R Newman of The University of Southern Mississippi


The divorce court experiences of a half-dozen celebrities provide the lesson plan for general practitioners on the drafting of effective prenuptial agreements.

General Credits: 1.4

Recent Headlines in Intellectual Property Law


William R Newman of The University of Southern Mississippi


A sequel to our popular "Ripped from the Headlines" course. This newest installment looks at the valuable lessons to be derived from recent high-profile cases involving copyrights, trademarks, and patents.

General Credits: 2