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2-Hour Ethics Course for 2023 (North Carolina)

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Satisfy your ethics requirement for this year with this special 2-hour presentation on The Ethics of Cybersecurity for Lawyers.  This course provides a practical checklist of 17 habits every lawyer needs to adopt in order to ensure the confidentiality of client information stored on computers and other digital devices.  Includes a discussion of the recent ransomware attacks aimed at law firms.


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Credit Hours

Ethics Credits: 1
Ethics & Tech Credits: 1

Total Credits: 2

Courses Included

Ethics of Cybersecurity for Lawyers


William R Newman of The University of Southern Mississippi


A very practical 2-hour course that deals with the ethics of confidentiality and the myriad of threats posed by hackers and ransomware attacks. Taught from the perspective of lawyers who are not particularly tech savvy.

Ethics Credits: 1
Ethics & Tech Credits: 1