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Six Overlooked Ethics Traps to Avoid

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This course presents a practical and fast-paced look at six commonly overlooked sources of ethics problems that can trip up even the most conscientious lawyer.

Billy Newman offers a quick overview of the following ethics dilemmas, along with real-world solutions:

1.  The ethics of working remotely in law practice

2.  Managing the flood of emails, text messages, and other digital communications that deluge practitioners every day (and avoiding the problems that can arise when a message gets overlooked or forgotten)

3.  Walking the ethical tightrope when jointly representing two or more parties in the same litigation or transaction

4.  Avoiding conflicts of interest when you are the "fiduciary to a fiduciary"

5.  Legal research and writing errors that can lead to sanctions and/or ethics complaints

6.  Knowing enough about digital technology to comply with the new ethical duty of "technological competence"



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