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Top 10 New Developments in Law Practice for 2017

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An all-new 2017 edition of our annual look at some of the biggest new developments in the law & law practice!  Presented in a fast-paced manner, with an emphasis on "what you need to know."  

New 7-hour format:  Earn all 15 hours of CLE for the year by attending this In-Person seminar along with an 8-hour bundle of On-Demand CLE (see "CLE On-Demand" page of this website for information on On-Demand CLE courses).


  • William R Newman of The University of Southern Mississippi
  • Meeting Site

    Memphis Botanic Garden - Goldsmith Room

    750 Cherry Road

    Memphis, TN  38117

    Agenda for Thursday, the 14th of December 2017

    Agenda is Approximate and Tentative

    (All Times are Central)

     8:00am - 8:30am  - Registration

     8:30am - 9:40am - #1 - Digital Assets - The new law on dealing with a decedent's digital assets (e-mail and social media accounts, digital photos, e-books, digital music, BitCoin, etc.) in Wills drafting and probate

     9:40am - 9:55am - #2 - The New Law School Experience  -  That new laywer you hire may have had a very different life in law school!

     9:55am - 10:10am - #3 - The Emerging "Gig" Economy  -  The emerging law governing the rapidly expanding use of free-lance and temporary workers.

    10:10am - 10:25am - Break

    10:25am - 11:15am - #4 - New Technology for Lawyers & The Risks of the "Always-                                            Connected" World  -  New technologies that can sneak up and have a major impact on your civil cases (as well as your ethics obligations).

    11:15am - 12:00pm - #5 - New Copyright Hazards for Small Business Clients  -  Another player complicates the precautions that every small business should take to avoid crippling copyright issues.

    12:00pm - 1:15pm -  Break

    1:15pm  - 1:35pm - #6 - Follow-Up on Developments in the Law of Pets -  New laws affecting Fido and Fluffy!

    1:35pm  - 2:30pm -  #7 - Follow-Up on Developments in the Law of Drones   Some of the new regulations on drones get grounded.

    2:30pm -  2:45pm - Break

    2:45pm  - 3:00pm -  #8 - Free Speech in Flux  -  All eyes are on the Supreme Court as changing social norms impact our attitudes on the right of free speech.

    3:00pm  - 4:00pm - #9 - The Ethics of Technological Competence (ethics)

    4:00pm -  5:00pm - (*Bonus Ethics Hour) #10 - The New Ethics of Age Bias