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Top 10 New Developments in Law Practice for 2018

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An all-new 2018 webcast edition of our annual look at some of the biggest new trends in the law & law practice!  Presented in a fast-paced manner, with an emphasis on "what you need to know."  

All-new topics in this year's course include:

  • Tax reform for the non-tax lawyer:  What it means for your clients and your law firm
  • Harassment & Discrimination law: A primer
  • Internet contracts and e-signatures: The new law
  • Family law developments: School football as an issue in custody
  • State Stipends to lawyers who practice in under-served counties and fields of law
  • Update on Top 10 Trends from past years: drones, the gig economy, etc.
  • Ethics: New law on extra-jurisdictional practice and the unauthorized practice of law

New 7-hour format:  Earn all 15 hours of CLE for the year by attending this In-Person seminar along with an 8-hour bundle of On-Demand CLE (see "CLE On-Demand" page of this website for information on On-Demand CLE courses).


  • William R Newman of The University of Southern Mississippi
  • Meeting Site

    Nashville School of Law

    4013 Armory Oaks Drive

    Nashville, TN  37204-4577

    Agenda for Thursday, the 13th of December 2018

    Agenda is Approximate and Tentative

    All times are Central

    Seminar Presenter:  William R. Newman, Esq. of Hattiesburg

    8:00am -  8:30am - Registration

    8:30am -  9:15am - #1 - The New Tax Law: What it means for your clients and your law firm

    9:15am -  9:35am - #2 - Family Law:  (a) Free-Range Parenting, & (b) The Evolution of Joint Legal Custody

    9:35am - 10:15am - #3 - The Law of Harassment:  The Essential Primer

    10:15am - 10:30am - Break

    10:30am - 10:45am - #4 - Inclusion Clauses in Contracts:  Live from Hollywood!

    10:45am - 11:25am - #5 - Update from Last Year's Top 10 Trends:  Digital Assets:  Now we have forms!

    11:25am - 12:00pm - #6 - Update on Last Year's Top 10 Trends:  Drone law:  Regulatory and insurance changes

    12:00pm - 1:10pm -  Lunch Break (on your own)

    1:10pm  -  2:10pm -  #7 - e-Contracts & e-Signatures: The paperless world 

    2:10pm  -  2:20pm - Break

    2:20pm  -  2:45pm -  #8 - Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrency 

    2:45pm  -  3:00pm -  #9 - Incentives for Lawyers Practicing in Rural Areas

    3:00pm  -  4:00pm -  #10 - The Ethics of Technological Competence (ethics)

    4:00pm  -  5:00pm -  (*Bonus Ethics Hour)